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Wedding Ring Workshops

What better way to ensure your wedding rings hold special meaning than to hand craft them yourselves in a fabulous full-day workshop? 

Jewellery Collective offers FOUR unique wedding ring workshops that use a range of traditional jewellery techniques – you can even recycle your old gold!
Under the expert guidance of a professional jeweller, you will learn to measure, cut, shape, and finish your wedding rings to perfection. You can incorporate a textured or hammered finish, a matte or brushed finish or polish your creations to a high shine. 
All workshops include a gourmet lunch platter and a bottle of bubbles at the end to celebrate your success in crafting what will remain the symbol of your marital union till death do you part! 
To commemorate the experience of this sacred creation, you’ll also leave with plenty of photos and videos of your special day together.  

What are the different workshops that you offer? 

FORGED IN LOVE WEDDING RING WORKSHOP  In our most popular workshop, you will work directly with the metal to create your wedding rings in one day. Once you have booked your workshop, we will send you out a free ring sizer to get an accurate estimate for your gold.

During this workshop, you will learn to saw, hammer, texture and solder your rings. You can then apply a hammered or brushed texture, or polish your creations to a high shine. 

CARVED & CAST WEDDING RING WORKSHOP The carved and cast ring workshop is held over a full day. The rings are carved from a special jewellers wax and then cast in metal. This is the best technique for unique, organic style wedding bands. 

COMBINATION CAST & FORGED WEDDING RING WORKSHOP The combination cast and forged workshop is held over a full day. This suits couples where one person needs to make a fitted ring to wrap around an engagement ring and the other person wants a more traditional, hand forged wedding band. 

BYO GOLD WEDDING RING WORKSHOP  This full day workshop is for couples who want to recycle their old yellow or rose gold jewellery or use their own gold nuggets. In this special workshop, we hand forge and fabricate your ring using a variety of traditional jewellery making techniques from a gold bar that we create by melting down your own gold. It is very similar to our Formed & Forged Wedding Ring Workshop. 


If you still have questions about your workshop, please feel free to send us an email hello@jewellerycollective.com.au or call Kim on 0415 836 311. 

We look forward to being part of your special day. 

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