Make your own Wedding Rings in a Day with Jewellery Collective

September 06, 2020

Make your own Wedding Rings in a Day with Jewellery Collective

What better way to ensure your wedding rings hold special meaning than to hand craft them yourselves in a fabulous full-day workshop? 

Jewellery Collective offers TWO unique wedding ring workshops that use a range of traditional jewellery techniques – you can even recycle your old gold!
Under the expert guidance of a professional jeweller, you will learn to measure, cut, shape, and finish your wedding rings to perfection. You can incorporate a textured or hammered finish, a matte or brushed finish or polish your creations to a high shine. 
All workshops include a gourmet lunch platter and a bottle of bubbles at the end to celebrate your success in crafting what will remain the symbol of your marital union till death do you part! 
To commemorate the experience of this sacred creation, you’ll also leave with plenty of photos and videos of your special day together.  

Q: Click on the link below to read more about the wedding / commitment ring workshops that we offer.  

 Why do you only use gold for wedding ring workshops? 

We use gold for our wedding band workshops as it's an incredibly durable metal. It's also the most non-reactive of all metals.

It won't react with oxygen or most chemicals, meaning it won't tarnish, rust or perish. This makes it perfect for use in jewellery and high status objects which are intended to retain their value and finish indefinitely.

These are the most common types of gold used in wedding rings: 

  • White Gold (9 & 18ct)
  • Yellow Gold (9 & 18ct)
  • Rose Gold (9 & 18ct)
  • Platinum 


Our workshop fee includes your tuition for a full day, a gourmet lunch, photos, videos and a champagne at the end of the workshop. This does NOT include your gold. 

How much does Gold cost for 2 wedding bands? 

On average, the cost for two wedding rings can range from $1000 - $3500 depending on the metal that you choose, the size, thickness and width of your rings.

We order the gold from our metal merchant, it comes in a square bar that we will roll down to your perfect size, width, thickness, length etc. 

We will send you a ring sizer when you make your booking.  We will then need the following information ASAP so we can give you an accurate gold quote: 

  • You and your partners ring size 
  • A idea of how wide and thick (in mm) you would like your rings to be
    eg: A standard men's wedding ring is usually about 4-6 mm wide and 2 mm thick) a woman's is approx 2-3mm wide by 1.5-2mm thick

Please note that Gold prices fluctuate daily. We can provide you with an estimate, however this may change slightly depending on the gold prices on the day we order the metal from our metal merchant. 

 Q: Why is 18ct gold so expensive?

A: 18ct gold is 75% pure gold where 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold.

 Q: Why can't we use platinum to make our rings? 

A: Platinum requires a special set of tools as it is a very particular style of metal. It also reqiures working at a very high temperature, and is not suitable for novices. It takes many years of experience to work successfully with Platinum. We can however, carve your ring out of wax and have it cast in platinum. A perfect solution! 

Q: How long will it take to make our rings?

A: Most of our workshops will take a full day. This can be anywhere from 5 - 8 hours depending on the metal, the design and the thickness of the metal. Rings made from thicker metal or with more complex designs may take longer.

*Please allow up to 8 hours for your workhop. For example, 9.30am - 5.30pm will be the maximum workshop day - this will including a short break for lunch, time spent taking photos, videos and sharing a laugh and a champagne at the end of the workshop. 

Q: Can I design my own ring?

A: Yes you can. However, it also depends on the complexity and detail of the ring design. If we feel that the design is too complex, we will usually suggest that you have us custom make your ring for you as there is a limit to what we can achieve in a one day workshop. 

Q: I have never made a ring before and have no jewellery making experience; can I really make my own wedding ring?

A: Yes! We will be there to walk you through each step to ensure you leave with a beautifully made ring. Most of my students have no jewellery making experience and everyone leaves the workshop with a beautiful well-made ring.

Q: Will our wedding rings look professional?

A: Yes. You will be absolutely thrilled with your finished wedding bands. We can provide as much or as little help as you require to ensure your rings look professionally finished and we will guide  you through the ring making process every step of the way.

Q: Can we make our own rings?

A: Yes. You can choose to make each other’s ring or to make your own.

Q: I would like to make a more complicated wedding band. Is this possible?

A: If you would like to make a more complicated wedding band, we can work with  you to create something really special. We have some very talented jewellers that work from our studio. This will be created as a custom order. 

Q: What metal can I use to make my ring?

A: Forged bands

  • 9ct & 18ct yellow, rose or white gold

Carved & cast bands

  • 9ct & 18ct yellow, rose or white gold.
  • Platinum

BYO gold bands 

  • 9ct & 18ct yellow or rose gold 

Q: I would like to have my ring engraved, is this possible?

A: Yes, we can arrange to have your ring engraved after you have finished making it. This will take approximately two weeks. 

Q: Can I make just one ring?

A: Absolutely! Some people want to make their own ring and others want make it as a surprise for their partner. We can also work with two people to make one ring. It’s completely flexible! Just call us to discuss our hourly rate. 

Q: Can we make a ring from silver, mokume gane, wood, damascus steel or titanium? 

A: No sorry, we only make wedding rings using precious metals. There are a number of Australian jewellers that specialise in these style of rings and we are happy to put you in touch with the best in the business. 

Q: Can the rings be resized?

A: Yes. If you feel your ring is too tight or too loose, you can bring it back and it will be resized (within two sizes) free of charge. 

Q: We would like to have our fingerprints added to each others wedding band, is this possible?

A: Absolutely. During the workshop, we can take your fingerprint and this is then added to the inside or the outside of the ring after you have finished making it. This takes approximately two weeks. 


Q: What does the price include?

  • Ring making workshop for two
  • Gourmet lunch & delicious morning and afternoon tea
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Champagne to celebrate at the end of the workshop
  • All tools, equipment and consumables

Additional fees:

  • Gold (please see detailed description above on how this is priced)
  • Stone setting starting from $25 per stone
  • Diamonds starting from $35 per stone
  • Fingerprint engraving $250 per ring
  • Engraving a message/name/date $180 per ring
  • Rhodium plating (for white gold rings) $80 per ring
  • Platinum (Price on application)

Q: Do I have to pay the full fee upfront at the time of booking?

A: Yes, all of our class bookings are done online. We have a range of payment options. The gold must be paid for in full within two weeks of the workshop date. 

Q: How far ahead should we book our workshop? 

A: We recommend booking your workshop at least four weeks in advance but some couples book up to 6 months in advance. Weekends are very popular and book out quickly so the further in advance you can book the better.

Q: When are the workshops available?

A: Workshops are available seven-days-a-week and are scheduled to suit each couple.

Q: Are there any Terms and Conditions?

A: Yes, please read the Workshop Terms and Conditions before making your booking

Q: Is there parking nearby?

A: There is free parking available near the studio. Please ask us before you arrive so we can suggest the best place to park. 
Q: What if I want to have some gemstones set into my ring? 
We can add any design features, such as diamonds after the ring making process. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for this process. If you require us to source your gems for you, we are also happy to do so, this process may take slightly longer as we will need to contact our network of gemstone suppliers. 

If you require engraving, we will need to send it to our specialist engraver so we will need to check their turnaround time*or gemstones after you’ve finished making the rings (please allow approximately 2 weeks). 

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT possible for you to set your own gemstones. 
Jewellers need years of training and experience to set gemstones - it is a highly skilled process. It can also be a dangerous process with flying pieces of metal and sharp  burrs and drills used. It is best to leave it to the professionals. 

If you have any additional questions prior to making a booking, please email or call Kim on 0415 836 311.  

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