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Make your own Wedding Rings with Jewellery Collective

October 29, 2018

Make your own Wedding Rings with Jewellery Collective

Our wedding ring workshops have become such a popular option for couples that we decided to break it all down in this blog post for those of you that want to book but aren't sure about what is involved...

In this four hour workshop, we create a unique design from your gold of choice. This gold is pre-ordered so it's all waiting for you when you arrive at our bright, welcoming jewellery studio located in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. 

We have a lot of couples that travel to do our workshop and make a weekend of it as we are located within 20 minutes of some very romantic destinations such as Montville and Noosa

What design should I choose? 

Many designs are possible, from classic wedding bands to unique wedding ring designs involving diamonds, engraving or a mix of metals. We use gold for our wedding band workshops as it's incredibly durable.

It's also the most non-reactive of all metals: it won't react with oxygen or most chemicals, meaning it won't tarnish, rust or perish. This makes it perfect for use in jewellery and high status objects which are intended to retain their value and finish indefinitely.

These are the most common types of gold used in wedding rings: 

  • White Gold (9 & 18ct)
  • Yellow Gold (9 & 18ct)
  • Rose Gold (9 & 18ct)


We can create the following ring shapes for you, so please let us know prior to your workshop: 

What finish should I choose? 

  • Hammered or textured finish
  • Matte satin finish
  • Highly polished finish

What about gemstones? 

We can add any design features, such as diamonds after the ring making process). *If you require engraving, we will need to send it to our specialist engraver so we will need to check their turnaround time*or gemstones after you’ve finished making the rings (please allow approximately 3 weeks). 

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT possible for you to set your own gemstones. Jewellers need years of training and experience to set gemstones - it is a highly skilled process. It can also be a dangerous process with flying pieces of metal and sharp  burrs and drills used. It is best to leave it to the professionals. 

 What to expect on the day of your workshop

Enjoy expert tuition by a jeweller, access to a fully equipped jewellery studio, lots of laughs and a beautiful experience that you will treasure forever.

On the day, you and your partner will make each others wedding bands from scratch, measuring, shaping and texturing (or polishing) your wedding rings to perfection. 

We also provide morning tea, coffee and a glass of champagne on completion. 

How much does it cost? 

On average, the cost for two wedding rings starts at $1200-$1800 (depending on the metal that you choose).

We can provide an approximate estimate prior to your workshop but as gold is a commodity and prices fluctuate daily, the final cost will be provided once we have finished making the rings. 

Please note that we require a 50% deposit prior to you attending the workshop.

To make a booking, please email us at hello@jewellerycollective.com.au

Here are a few of our beautiful clients creations 

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