Introduction to Wax Carving (Private Workshop for beginners)


Wax carving is a fun & effective technique for creating jewellery.

Learn about carving, filing and shaping a piece of wax into a piece of jewellery. In the first part of the class, your teacher will provide an In-depth demonstration of the tools, basic techniques and different types of waxes and their purpose. You will then have two hours to carve as many pieces as you like. 

The wax is then sent to a professional casting house and comes back as an identical copy of the shape you carved. 

In the second evening class, we will focus on cleaning up your casting, sawing off the sprue, filing, sanding and polishing/finishing your piece. 

This class runs from 6 - 9.30 pm on both evenings.

Additional Info: 

  • An additional fee will apply for your metal - we will let you know how much your metal costs once the casting house weights and casts your piece - this could range from $20 - $100 per piece depending on the weight. 

We also offer a more advanced wax carving/casting class with gemstones set in place, however you must have completed this class before you can complete that workshop. 

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