Two Evening Classes

8th & 22nd November / Wax Carving & Casting Workshop

Regular price $350.00

Carving wax is a wonderful technique for creating jewellery. Rich textural surfaces and fluid, curving shapes can be created in wax material that can then be cast into a variety of metals to create a finished product.

In this class, students will have the opportunity to experiment with different types of wax and make a wax ring that will be cast in brass or silver by a commercial casting house. 

This is a two part evening class as it takes a week for the objects to be set up and cast. The second part of the workshop is about finishing and polishing your cast pieces. 

You can also cast organic objects such as twigs, leaves or flower buds in brass or silver. Please note that organic objects incurs an additional $25 set up fee for each object plus the cost of the metal. 

What to bring: 

  • Sketchbook & pencil / any design sketches you have completed 
  • A well dried out organic object such as a twig, leaf or flower bud