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Pyritised Ammonite Pendant

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Fossils are a window into the past and a symbol of the passing of time, eternity and evolution. Generally, they are considered protective objects to be worn as jewellery to enhance one’s natural defences. More specifically Ammonites are said to add stability and structure to one’s life, helping increase vitality and stamina while also enhancing one’s survival instincts and abilities. 

What is Pyritised Ammonite?
Pyritised Ammonite is a fossilised prehistoric sea creature, similar to a snail in shape, whose organic matter has been replaced by shiny gold crystals of Pyrite, through an amazing natural process call pyritisation.

How does pyritisation occur?
Fossils occurred when the bodies of ancient animals or plants were encased in some form of mud or sand which, over great expanses of time, turned into rock. Slowly, minerals from the matrix surrounding the animal or plant seeped into the organic matter gradually replacing it. If the mineral replacing the organic matter was different enough from the surrounding mineral or rock, it would have made it possible to separate the two and rediscover the original shape of the living creature. 

This stunning statement pendant is hand crafted in sterling silver and plated in gold vermeil. 

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