Wed 27 Jan / Wax Carving & Casting with Gemstones


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Carving wax is a wonderful technique for creating jewellery. Rich textural surfaces and fluid, curving shapes can be created in wax material that can then be cast into a variety of metals to create a finished product.

In this class, students will have the opportunity to experiment with different types of wax and make one wax ring that will be cast in brass or silver by a commercial casting house. Diamond, ruby, sapphire and most synthetic gems can be directly cast in place.

Wax carving and setting gems is a slow and meticulous process and it's best to focus on one stunning, well crafted pieces than rush to complete two pieces.

However if you finish your first piece to a standard you are happy with, then you are welcome to create another. 

This is a two part class class as it takes just over a week for your pieces to be sent to our casting house and returned to us.

The second part of the workshop is about cleaning up the casting, exploring finishing techniques (brushed, textured, high polish etc). 

The SECOND part of this workshop will be held on an evening that we all agree on during the first class. 

What to bring: 

  • Your design concept / sketches / screen shots of your ideas etc
  • Any gemstones you may want to use (synthetic cz's, sapphires, diamonds etc)

Additional Info: 

  • We sell packets of synthetic gems to use in class if you don't have any of your own - packets range from $15-30 depending on quantity you require
  • A casting fee will apply to your piece/s depending on the metal you use (brass, bronze, silver or gold)
  • We will let you know how much it is once our casting house weighs your  piece/s) 
  • The casting fee will need to be paid prior to your second class. Costs range from $20-250 per piece depending on metal). We will email you the cost along with our bank info. 

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